Monday 2 December 2013

A Very Cherry Christmas (Volume Nine)

Every year, Cherryade records puts out a really cool Christmas compilation… and this year, we’re on it! Why not buy a copy? Some fantastic musicians/groups/bands on there (including the legendary John Shuttleworth) so easily worth the six quid!

(To clarify, we’re not personally making money off this, but you’re more than welcome to pay for our Bandcamp music if you like…)

The song of ours which features on the CD is our ukulele duet version of Gaudete.

If you’d like to know a bit more about our take on Gaudete, read on… if not, go and take a look at who else is on A Very Cherry Christmas, or take a look at our own Christmas Collection, Gaudete!, or both…

Gaudete has been a favourite carol of Ruth’s for a while although she can’t remember which version she heard first, Steeleye Span or The Mediaeval Baebes (or possibly even The Ashbrooke Allstars sampling Steeleye Span!)

We suspect that one or two of you might in fact know Gaudete as the song Alan Partridge plays to Jill from Peartree Productions in his car. “Listen to this, it’ll blow your socks off.”

Ruth had sung Gaudete before with her friend Will, two years ago at a few open mic events in Liverpool, and one of the things she did was translate the Latin verses into English (with the help of Google translate, some poetic nouse, and even a bit of Bible knowledge), so we took the decision to do that again.

We looked around online for the best ukulele chords for Gaudete but ended up using none of them exactly, so came up with the arrangement ourselves from a mish-mash of everything we’d seen and what soundec best for the ukulele. We decided to pluck the strings on the verses with Ruth singing alone and then have Marc join in on the chorus with the harmonies.

We think it sounds pretty good, and we hope you do too. If you like it, take a listen to the rest of our album and download it too; pay what you like. Don’t forget to check out A Very Cherry Christmas too (although apparently they sell like hot cakes, so be quick)!

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