Sunday 29 March 2015

Our folk music special: now available as a podcast!

Last Sunday, we sat down at half past eight with the internet radio tuned to Studio 109 Live and Online, ready to hear our very own radio show, full of a diverse range of talent from mostly local (one or two not-so-local) folk and folk inspired musicians. We live-tweeted the whole thing for anyone who was listening, and it was wonderful to see many of the artists featured tweeting to each other, and checking out each other's oeuvre. It's heart-warming to think that perhaps we've introduced some talented musicians to others, and possibly even helped people make new friends!

It was such a fun thing to put together, and we like to think that perhaps some people have a few new favourites now as a result!

If you missed it, the good folks at Studio 109 have kindly put it online as a podcast so you can listen to our show again in its entirety! We'd love to know what you think, especially of the first track, Ella Brown, which will be the lead single from our forthcoming album, Amateur Astronomy, out later this spring.

[A quick explanation/apology. Prior to our segment there was the livestreaming of a new album by a band called Gritty Britain, whose website warns that their songs make "flagrant use of stereotypes" and suggests their music is, "not for the faint-hearted or the squeamish feminist". To each their own of course but quite a few people fed back to us that they were certainly very surprised by the content at the time we'd suggested to tune in. We were responsible for the content from 9.00pm onwards, but perhaps we ought to have researched what was coming before it in order to warn any "squeamish feminists" amongst our fanbase!]

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