Tuesday 24 February 2015

Be Lovely Day, January 17th, The Brink

Our first gig of 2015 was at an event organised by the wonderful Jodie Schofield (who trades musically under the name SheBeat), to mark the third Be Lovely Day. This annual explosion of good deeds and acts of kindness is Jodie’s personal project and we were honoured to be asked to play a part in it.

One of the events for this year’s Be Lovely Day was an afternoon of acoustic music in Liverpool’s TheBrink. Those of you who follow our activities will know that it’s a venue dear to our hearts; not only did we publicly announce our engagement on its stage (the classifieds column of The Times is a trifle déclassé, don’t you think?), but Ruth held her Hen Do there (and Marc the second of his Stag Dos), AND they did the catering for our wedding. Yes, it’s fair to say we’re Fairly Well Disposed to The Brink.

Planning for the gig, we were presented with a similar issue to January of last year (and possibly the one before): our most recent Big Gig, the one we’d worked towards and planned and practised for, had been a Christmas concert. And there is one fact about doing Christmas concerts: your repertoire evaporates after 1st January. Thus we had a bit of work to do to get back into non-festive match fitness. However, after a couple of evenings’ rehearsal, we soon felt confident we could rock the (post-Christmas) house.

On the day, we were last on the bill, which meant we had the pleasure of watching the other performers before taking our turn on the stage. Sets from Kate Garroway, Cal Ruddy, Michael Bennett and our pal Derek King made for a wonderful afternoon’s entertainment, and it was great to see the acts staying around to watch each other play.

Our own set seemed to go down well, and we’d brought along an extra surprise for Be Lovely Day; the sheet music for Let No Man Steal Your Thyme, which Ruth had adroitly put together in Noteflight.

All in all a memorable afternoon – we keenly await next year’s events!

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